Editing Services

I offer a variety of services to help you make your book the best it can be. Below you’ll find descriptions of some of the key services I offer. If there is something your book needs that I can’t do, I know someone who can, so please ask about anything not listed. I work effectively in most genres, but I will not accept erotica or graphic horror works. Send an email today for a free consultation.

Content Edit / Book Edit
The first step is to make sure the story itself is solid. A content edit concerns itself with the big blocks: characterization, pacing, description, plot. At this stage I am not concerned with your words, I’m concerned with what you’re saying. This will generally cost about $60 per 10k words.
Line Edit
The second step is to look at consistency and phrasing. A line edit will make sure your character isn’t wearing a red shirt one moment and a blue one the next for no apparent reason. It will also involve flagging or rewriting awkward or unclear phrasing. The idea is to preserve your unique voice while making sure that the words don’t distract from the story. This will usually cost about $45 per 10k words.
Copy Edit
This is probably the most essential step for any writer: no book should go to press without a copy editor’s touch first. A copy edit will look for grammar, spelling, typos, missing words, etc. Not only does a good copy edit help your book look more professional, it also keeps the text from getting in the way of the story. In the interest of helping authors produce high-quality products, I’m currently making copy edits available for $30 per 10k words.

For more information on types of editing, and the importance of a good editor, I highly recommend this article from the inimitable Kathryn Rusch: Editorial Revisions.

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